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Our Products & Services

We offer several products and services to suit your needs when it comes to you having to say something meaningful before any audience. The products and services you will use are always based on the occasion and requirements of the unique audience.


Our products and services are a Great Fit for:     

     -          Business meetings

-          Sales meetings

-          Leadership retreats

-          School assemblies

-          Graduations

-          Youth & Teen events

-          Empowerment events

-          Award & Recognition events

-          Toastmaster meetings

-          College students

-          Community events

-          Family events

-          Church events

-          Funerals

-          Weddings

-          Banquets

-          Receptions

-          Birthdays

-          Toasts

-          Networking events

-          Special events

-          And MORE…

Ready-2-Go Speeches

We have numerous Ready-2-Go products available to you within minutes. Just point and click on any:

  • Speech
  • Toast
  • Poem  

Our Ready-2-Go Speeches are sold individually and are ideal if you are pressed for time. These speeches touch on an ever-expanding list of subjects and profiles. They are general enough to fit most situations, but leave you space insert your own material such as personal stories, positive quotations, statistics, case studies, or suitable humor. As a matter of fact, we suggest that you transform your pre-written Ready-2-Go Speech into something much more personal and suitable for the unique audience you will be addressing.

Electronic Format of a Ready-2-Go Product
Once you have invested in one or more Ready-2-Go Products here on our site, you will be emailed within minutes a link for where you’re to go to download your downloadable electronic product (speech, poem or toast). Inside the electronic file will be a PDF file and a Word.doc file of your product. The PDF file is for you to use if you wish to use your product “as is.” The Word.doc file is for you to use should you wish to edit and transform your product into something more personal and suitable for the unique audience you will be addressing. 

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Even though all eProduct sales (pre-written downloadable speeches) are final on—we commit to working with you “within reason” (based on your initial investment) to confidently get you to a point to where you are pleased and satisfied with your eProduct purchase. Just contact us as soon as possible (within 72 hours after your purchase) and let us know why you are not satisfied with the speech you received, and we will email you a replacement product (another pre-written downloadable speech) free of charge. No hassles. 

Customized Speech Writing Services
We specialize in quality customized written speeches to reflect your distinctive intentions, goal, and needs of the audience. 

Our customized speeches are the ideal solution if you have a little more time then most of our greatly appreciated customers. These speeches are written expressly to your specifications and with your target audience in mind. They offer a more personal touch and communicate clearly your purpose and intentions.

A customized speech can be yours within seven to twelve days. You simply supply us with the information we need by filling our questionnaire, and then adding whatever comments you deem necessary or useful. Our customized speeches will be between 5 and 10 minutes long unless you stipulate other preferences.

The investment for a customized speech is $45.00 per spoken minute (approximately 150 words per spoken minute.) There is a required upfront, non-refundable, investment deposit for this service.

For more details on our Customized Speech Writing Services, click on the blue links below:

Customized Speech Writing Services   and   Services Questionnaire


Editing and Enhancement of Your Own Typed Speech

We offer professional editing services for those of you who wish to express your individuality by creating your own speech.


Our editing services will transform what you have written into eloquent and insightful language. In any speech, effective communication is the issue. We are the experts at conveying eloquent and insightful messages in a variety of ways and styles. We will supply you with the correct form and approach to enhance the ideas you have put on paper. Our editing services represent an ideal median solution. You simply answer our brief questionnaire and send us your speech as a Word.doc file attachment. We will forward your revised document within five days.

The investment for speech editing is $25.00 a minute of normal speech delivery time (approximately 150 words per spoken minute). There is a required upfront, non-refundable, investment deposit for this service.


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